• Connect systems
  • Transform data
  • Create pdfs & emails
  • Create serverless functions
  • Automate processes
  • Publish APIs

All without coding

A visual programming toolkit to build intricate logic, data handling and communications with speed and agility.

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Illustration of a Comnoco building block in an aubergine colour. Illustration of a Comnoco building block in a mint colour. Illustration of a Comnoco building block in an aubergine colour. Illustration of a Comnoco building block in a mint colour. Illustration of a cursor positioned on the building block above.

Blocks instead of code

  • Every single action, object or property is represented as a block.
  • The way you stack the blocks defines the order in which things happen.
  • You can apply Logic to any block.
  • The state of your data is visible in real time as your blocks do their thing.

Visual builders for visual things

We don’t think you should have to write code to make a visual design.

So, if you need to output PDFs, you shouldn’t be restricted to code and PDF libraries.

The same goes for responsive emails.

With Comnoco you edit visually and see the result as you work.

Illustration of a pdf invoice in a responsive desktop layout.

How Comnoco works

Screenshot of the trigger UI.

Choose how to kick off your process:

  • Allow others to send data via API.
  • Run on a schedule (so you can fetch data).
  • Monitor a server directory for a file.
  • Drag and drop blocks of functionality.
  • Create functions that can be re-used.
  • Have full visibility and control over the state (data) at each step in it's journey.
  • Add logic to any property, process or calculation at any point.
  • Loop through records.
  • Transform and enrich data.
  • Read or write to databases and other APIs.

No need to worry about which database you can use—Comnoco has it covered.

Gif displaying the sequence of builidng a Logix file.
Screenshot of the visual email builder with responsive emails.
  • PDFs — complex layouts, complex pagination.
  • Email — responsiveness built in, works across all email clients.
  • SMS & Push.
  • Integrate with APIs like Whatsapp or Slack.

No {curly brackets} scripting needed to add data and logic.

No need for piecemeal solutions with other no code tools.

Full visual builders for the entire communication experience from PDFs to SMS.

That's it. Now watch Comnoco do your work


We built this for non techies.

It’s so simple, it’s like childs play.

No download, no servers to set up. Simply click below to try Comnoco, only sign up to save your work.

A little Note

It’s frustrating when you don’t have control. Whether you’re an overworked developer who needs to shortcut repetitive time-consuming code or a business user who has to rely on developers.

If you want to build new processes, make changes or add new communications touch points to your customer journeys, right now you have two choices:

1. Call in the developers and write some custom code. Testing and more testing, bugs and more bugs... delayed releases, creeping costs, unhappy customers.

2. Enormously expensive corporate software that requires multiple subscriptions, outsiders interpreting your business requirements, things never quite turning out how you expected and you still being tied into the end result.

That’s why we built Comnoco. To give you the ability to move fast and to enable the 99% who can’t code to program anyway.

We’d love for you to give it a try. Get creative, become a visual developer with Comnoco and join the no code revolution.

Photograph of Stuart Malt, CEO and Founder. Handwritten signature.

Stuart Malt | CEO and Founder