• connect systems
  • automate processes
  • transform data
  • create pdfs & emails
  • publish APIs

all without coding

Hey there, đź‘‹ business person!

Do you really want to spend yet more resources on your automated PDFs, emails and messaging?

Hey there, đź‘‹ web / app developer!

Are you building a great mobile app or website, but don't have the time to manage the code and data at the backend?

Forget coding. From now on…

No code
No servers (unless you want them)
No PDF libraries or converting HTML

No multi-stage zaps
No limiting template formats
No inflexible pre-defined logic

Be agile. Get creative.

Build the integrations and business logic you want.


Writing custom backend code for your new site or app?

Employing developers to get your internal or SaaS systems connecting with each other?

Provisioning and maintaining servers for your custom code?

This is labourious, expensive and error prone.

Until now, you couldn’t build a backend without writing code.

This means your business is entirely in the hands of a developer who can code (0.3 percent of the population). The developer must have the exact area of expertise for your project and your systems. Your success depends on your ability to put your needs across to the developer and on the developer's ability to understand your business.

Once the process of writing code is underway it takes weeks of work to produce small changes. So, of course, after all that it rarely turns out exactly as you expected.

Coding is so hard, reserve it for where it’s really needed and use a no code tool for your heavy lifting at the backend.


Tolerating the dull, badly designed communication output from your business apps?

Having to make a branding change multiple times across multiple systems?

Missing chances to personalise or add targeted upsell content?

Unable to respond to customers on the channel of their choice?

Communications output from software is broken.

You’ve got way more than just letters and phone calls going back and forth. You’ve got automated emails, messaging, website updates, bots, printed mail, etc. It’s a whole messy jellyfish of an ecosystem of its own. Getting a real step change in the quality and flow of your communications is about more than a few tweaks here and there. To make real financial gains you have to entirely re-think the connections and automations behind those communications.

You may well find yourself stuck somewhere between these two:

Option A

a.k.a. The Rock

Call in the developers and write some custom code. Testing and more testing, bugs and more bugs… delayed releases, creeping costs, unhappy customers. Development can seem like playing a game of Chinese whispers inside a never ending blackhole, even to make relatively small changes.

Your developers will undoubtedly be using ungainly, complex PDF libraries.

Option B

a.k.a. The Hard Place

Enoooormously expensive corporate software that requires multiple subscriptions, outsiders interpreting your business requirements, things never quite turning out how you expected and still being tied into the end result.

You’ll also be stuck with expensive training courses and you won’t have any flexibility over scaling due to license restrictions… the list goes on.

Program without code

These days, instead of learning to do backend development or finding the right backend developer in that 0.3% of the population that can code, you have the option of turning to a no code solution.

Customisable communications that actually work for you need to be able to be changed constantly. For that you need a solution that’s visual, affordable and quick.

Comnoco — Think it, build it, use it

Unleash creative thinking to build solutions visually.

Put designers and marketing in charge of communications.

Become a visual developer with Comnoco.

Drag and drop to create, no code needed

Affordable and accessible.

Performant and system agnostic.

Unlimited logic and connectivity.

Available as a hosted SaaS solution or for you to install on premise.

Reduce cost, take control,
communicate better

Step 1: Set a trigger

Choose how to kick off your process:

  • Allow others to send data via API.
  • Run on a schedule (so you can fetch data).
  • Monitor a server directory for a file.

No need to worry about provisioning servers, scaling, performance, setting up users, or authentication—Comnoco will take care of this for you!

Step 2: Build your logic (Visual Code)

  • Drag and drop blocks of functionality.
  • Create functions that can be re-used.
  • Have full visibility and control over the state (data) at each step in it's journey.
  • Add logic to any property, process or calculation at any point.
  • Loop through records.
  • Transform and enrich data.
  • Read or write to databases and other APIs.

No need to worry about which database you can use—Comnoco has it covered!

Step 3: Build communications templates with dynamic content

Choose how to kick off your process:

  • PDFs—complex layouts, complex pagination.
  • Email.
  • SMS.
  • Integrate with APIs like Whatsapp or Slack.

No {curly brackets} scripting needed to add data and logic.
No need for piecemeal solutions with other no code tools.
Full visual builders for the entire communication experience from PDFs to SMS.

Step 4: Publish, sit back, relax, watch Comnoco do your work and change it whenever you want!

If you’re still unsure, give us a go, challenge us, let us know what you think!

If you need a new block of functionality, just ask!

Get it FREE!

Connect your systems.

Automate processes with complex embedded business logic.

Transform, manuiplate and enrich your data as it moves.

Centrally control your emails and PDFs for all your systems.

Make your Jamstack website or app dynamic with Comnoco APIs and serverless functions.

Just simply program, without code.